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Wednesday, October 12, 2011



1.Art stimulates both sides of the brain.

2.33% of kids are visual learners.

3.There are studies that show that kids, who make art, read better and get better grades in science and mathematics.

4.The kids learn by using their senses and art is ideal in this process

5.The kids need a place to express themselves at school.

6.Art promotes self esteem

7.Art encourages kids to give more attention to the physical space that surround them.

8.Art develops hand and eye coordination.

9.Art stimulates perception.

10.Art teaches them to think openly. It represents a culture of questioners more than a culture of responders.

11.Art teaches that there is more than one solution for a problem.

12.Art teaches kids to think creatively to solve problems.

13.Kids can share and reflect on their work of art and learn something about the world they live in.

14.When art is integrated with the other subjects in the curriculum, kids commit more to the learning process.

15.In the process of doing art, the child is exposed to different possibilities, to discover and to freedom, this way they avoid falling into the control and the predictability of the conventional education available today.

16.Art nourishes the human soul. One feels good doing it.

17.Art brings the cultural resources of the community into the class.

18. Art involves parents and tutors in the school, inviting them to participate as volunteers in diverse activities.

19. Art provides a common ground across racial stereotypes, barriers and prejudices.

20. Art is valuable all by itself.

So kudos to parents who have registered their children to Lukis 2011, you have made the right choice !!! :)

For other who is interested please register your children's names first at

Workshop at Balai Seni Lukis Negara, KL starts on 5 Nov - 29 Jan (weekends only -Sat or Sun)

Note : Article from museum of children art of oakland.
by: Lukis 2011

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